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Adult Training

The Graduated Licensing Program required by the state of Michigan for beginning drivers only applies to students under 18 years of ageOn the 18th birthday the requirements for the GDL no longer apply.When you turn 18, if you have taken Segment 1 and have a Michigan Graduated Level 1 License, that license expires and you need to go the Secretary of State and apply for a Temporary Instruction Permit (TIP).You cannot take the road test on an expired GDL.

Classic Driving School offers lessons to adult drivers (18 and over) who are inexperienced behind the wheel and wish to receive more practice before taking their road test. In the adult driving program we will design your lessons to fit your needs. We will talk to you about how much experience you have and if you have any particular concerns. If you have never been behind the wheel of a car, we would start you off just like the students in our drivers training class and go through a systematic step by step process to cover all the required elements of driving. We can progress as fast or as slow as you need to go. If you only want to work on a specific area, such as the parking exercises or expressway driving, we can do that. 

We also provide an hour long evaluation of your driving skills. This evaluation would be similar to the state road test, but we would provide you with a written report and not a road test completion certification. We do not require a minimum number of hours to start the adult driving program, but we do require that you have a Temporary Instruction Permit (TIP). 


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